Shapewear Takes Place of Cosmetic Surgery

Posted: 2014-07-28

Shapewear Takes Place of Cosmetic Surgery


Made famous by Bridget Jones as she attempted to seduce her sexy boss, big knickers are back. And they don’t just cover your bum…discreet shapewear that gives you an hourglass silhouette from your thighs up to under your bust is now the well loved secret of millions of smart women who know that starving yourself or going under the knife may not always be the best option. With the range of excellent shapewear that is now available to squeeze and shape us into that slinky LBD, the ideal figure is no longer an unattainable dream.

Shapewear, also known as body smoothing or body shaping underwear, is big business. In the US, the shapewear industry is worth around $720 million a year. There’s no shortage of women, whether they’re celebrities or not, who are lining up to get a slice of this body slimming action.

A success story that has helped to suck in the curvy bits of thousand of women is that of the partnership of lingerie designer Bruno Schiavi and reality TV star Robert Rey. Their innovative range of shapewear sold $1 million pairs in its first weekend. Hollywood Shapes, Bella Bosies and Nancy Gantz have also all been created to help normal women attain the look of their celebrity idols (who more often than not, will be sporting a pair of their own under their stunning red carpet creations).

From high waist body shapers to footless tights to sexy control top fishnets, shapewear is a lifesaver for women who want to feel more confident about how they look in their clothes. Fit is critical however, and buying the wrong size to make yourself smaller is not a good idea. If it is well fitted the underwear should feel unrestrictive and should comfortably smooth your lumps and bumps. If you’re a size 14, for instance, you shouldn’t be trying to transform yourself into a size 6, which could potentially be damaging.

For women who want a smoother silhouette, but who aren’t ready for cosmetic surgery such as liposuction or tummy tucks , shapewear can be a good alternative. The important thing is to be comfortable with who you are whether you are dressed up and smoothed out with shapewear while out on the town, or naked and as nature intended at home. Those wobbly bits are part of you, so be proud of them – but there’s nothing wrong with altering their shape if it gives you a boost in confidence when you need it.