Why Cosmetotextile has a large market in future ?

Posted: 2014-06-25

Why Cosmetotextile has a large market in future ?


A cosmetotextile is a textile article containing a substance or a preparation that is released over time on different superficial parts of the human body, notably on skin, and claiming special properties such as cleaning, perfuming, changing appearance, protecting, keeping in good condition or correcting of body odours and therefore very convenient to use for protective clothing. Cosmetic preparations are usually in liquid form so it is necessary to encapsulate them. A cosmetotextile is a textile product which combines a cosmetic preparation, a textile and a linking agent. Because cosmetic preparations are usually in liquid form they need to be encapsulated before applying on textiles. Man-made encapsulation can be divided into two groups: microencapsulation and molecular encapsulation. Microencapsulation is described as a process of enclosing micron-size particles of solids or droplets of liquids or gasses in an inert shell, which in turn isolates and protects them from the external environment. Molecular encapsulation involves all intermolecular interactions where covalent bonds are not established between the interacting species. The majority of these interactions are of the host-guest type.

The market for cosmetotextiles -- often referred to as "wearable skincare" -- is set to grow rapidly, according to a report in the latest issue of Performance Apparel Markets from the business information company Textiles Intelligence.

Although still in its infancy, the market has exciting potential, and the textile industry is optimistic that further technical developments will open up new markets and create growing business opportunities. Some have estimated that the market for cosmetotextiles will be worth Euro500 million (US$717 million) in 2013.

Cosmetotextiles represent a significant innovation for both the cosmetics industry and the textile industry. For the textile industry, cosmetotextiles provide a way of increasing added value while satisfying consumers' growing demand for beauty and anti-ageing products.

Demand for beauty products is buoyant -- especially in countries with ageing populations -- as consumers become increasingly interested in fitness, health and appearance.

Demand is being fuelled in particular by the desire of consumers to combine well-being, or "wellness", with clothing attributes which are now taken for granted -- such as breathability, comfort and aesthetics.

The market for cosmetotextiles has greatly expanded in recent years to encompass a wide range of garments which are designed to appeal to health conscious consumers. Manufacturers claim that their products can reduce cellulite, moisturise the skin, cool the body or even deliver vitamins.

Also, while manufacturers faced a number of technological challenges in the early years, these have been largely overcome thanks to advances in microencapsulation.

Such advances have opened up new opportunities for enhancing the performance of cosmetotextiles.