The Amazing Secrets of Anticellulite Revealed !

Posted: 2014-06-19

The Amazing Secrets of Anticellulite Revealed !


What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a disruption of fat cells that can't make its normal functions and they swell up more and more showing lumps and/or dimples on the skin surface giving an orange peel-like appearance.

You can check if you have cellulite gently pinching the skin of the upper thigh. If you make it and you can see dimples as an orange peel, you most likely have cellulite.

Between 85% and 98% of women after puberty have some degree of cellulite.

How does the textile or smart cosmetics help you fight cellulite?

With the touch of our skin, these garments release cosmetic actives situated in millions of microcapsules (proved effectiveness until 30 washed) adhered to the fabric framework that apart from fighting cellulite, they also produce slimming and firming effects obtaining in few days a reduction of your silhouette, a prevention of the stretch marks and your skin will change over from orange skin to the smoothness and softness of the apple's skin.

Are produced with high quality fabric composed by an 84% air texturized polyamide and 16% elastane yarn, which achieves a high compression with balanced elasticity and unique smoothness. The high compression of the fabric and its great elasticity together with the movement of your body while you do sport produces massaging effect that increases blood circulation so helps to burn fat faster. Its main attribute is the thermal comfort, for the heat and humidity quick transfer between the body and the fabric, it quickly transports moisture from the interior to the surface for a maximum evaporation.


Other important characteristics of the fabric are:

  • It doesn't make peeling
  • It doesn't shrink
  • Its color doesn't waste
  • Its fibers don't wear out
  • It doesn't lose its shape
  • It stretches up to a 40% of its original size
  • It supports where necessary
  • It is totally breathable
  • It dries faster than cotton
  • It incorporates millions of microcapsules that contain active ingredients that fight against cellulite and fat.