How anticellulite shorts lose your weight off

Posted: 2014-06-16

How anticellulite shorts lose your weight off


Anti Cellulite Shorts

The reasons for weight gain could be numerous. While some might be genetically predisposed to gain weight, fat deposits might also start appearing if one leads a sedentary lifestyle. The major points of weight gain in the human body are usually the thighs and the buttocks. When fat cells start accumulating in the septa tissue of our bodies, bulges of fat become visible. These fat deposits are what are commonly referred to as cellulite. Unsightly chunks of fat can undoubtedly shatter one's dream of having a well-toned body. Most of us are often on a lookout for ways to get rid of these undesirable fat deposits that cause the skin to look dimpled and uneven. Well, however hard you may try, getting rid of cellulite seems to be a far-fetched dream. Is there a perfect solution to this menacing problem? How can one get rid of cellulite? Have you ever heard about anti cellulite shorts? Let's find out if wearing these shorts can help in reducing cellulite.

What are Anti Cellulite Shorts?

These are slimming shorts that have been designed with the specific weight gain area in mind. These are made from special fabrics and the manufacturers claim these to be an ideal cellulite reduction solution. They basically look like your ordinary bicycling shorts. The fabric in these short is designed to stimulate the wearer's skin, boost healthy circulation and aid in the release of toxins. These are categorized into two types. There are those which specifically focus on the cellulite and the others which look at improving the condition of the wearer's skin. Both types need to be worn regularly for visible results. Nowadays manufacturers have combined both of these facets to create shorts which aid in both weight reduction as well enhanced skin appearance in terms of texture and firmness. The price range for these shorts range from around $40 to $100. The cost varies depending on the manufacturer and the special fabrics used. 

Can these Shorts Help One to Get Rid of Cellulite?

It is believed that the friction between these shorts and the wearer's skin aids in the claimed reduction of cellulite or body fat. The manufacturers claim that if these slimming shorts are worn regularly under the user's normal clothing for some period of time, then there would be visible reduction of excess body fat in the target areas covered by the shorts. It is the combination of compression and heat generation by these shorts which apparently aids in cellulite removal. The manufacturers claim that the dual impact of compression and heat generation helps in improving blood circulation as well as lymphatic drainage, thereby eliminating cellulite from the thighs, hips and buttocks and tone up the skin.