Anti-Wrinkle Bra will be the Future

Posted: 2014-06-09

Anti-Wrinkle Bra will be the Future


It is good to follow fashion trends. They allow us to feel independent, stylish and self-confident. But those who place their health first, which especially refers to active women and those who do sports on a professional stage, have another point of view. What they need is not ruching or exquisite silk inserts, but quality materials that are perfect to skin, comfortable and good for health.

Some time ago there was a Paris Trade Fair where some gorgeous innovations in the underwear industry were revealed. The ideas were picked up by organizers of the Paris Lingerie Show that immediately introduced into production some innovations.

The first change concerns bras – now there is a bra that pumps up and down with the temperature of your body. What is more, the bra can smooth out ageing cleavages that appear while a woman sleeps.

So far there is both positive and negative reaction to the innovation. Some women say that will never wear an anti-wrinkle bra due to their husband’s reaction, while others have already taken the idea into account.

As far as materials are concerned, in Paris there was unveiled a line of French lingerie that is based on a new fabric made of milk proteins. The fabric that contains amino aids is aimed at skin hydrating. By touch the material is as soft as silk.

No doubt, high-tech technologies have influenced every branch of science and even fashion. Underwear seems to be the last industry where such innovations were introduced. But now they function effectively and favor healthy lifestyle.