Cosmetictextiles are the enemy of orange peel skin

Posted: 2014-05-22

Cosmetictextiles are the enemy of orange peel skin

The treatment of orange peel skin, or cellulite, can be complex for a number of women as their condition may have been caused by a combination of factors.  This means there is no single treatment plan that can be recommended to all women.

Fortunately for many women, getting rid of cellulite can be simple as you are about to find out. Cellulite results from fatty deposits with enlarged fat cells under the surface of the skin, that in combination with inelastic connective tissues in the skin, create the irregular skin surface described as orange peel skin.

Cosmetictextiles are the enemy of orange peel skin. Cosmetotextiles are created by microencapsulating substances such as aloe vera, vitamin E, various plant oils, menthol, caffeine, retinol, ceramides, or minerals from seaweed, crabshell or seawater, and attaching them to a fabric.

With the touch of our skin, these garments release cosmetic actives situated in millions of microcapsules (proved effectiveness until 30 washed) adhered to the fabric framework that apart from fighting cellulite, they also produce slimming and firming effects obtaining in few days a reduction of your silhouette, a prevention of the stretch marks and your skin will change over from orange skin to the smoothness and softness of the apple's skin.