Cosmetic textiles brings you slimming, firming, and moisturizing

Posted: 2014-05-16

Cosmetic textiles brings you slimming, firming, and moisturizing


Clothing has moved beyond the scope of simple   garments… It is the ultimate refuge for innovations which  allow us to live better, differently and more intensely.

Well-being goes far beyond the simple idea   of feeling "well".   “In europe, it has become a veritable lifestyle,   a conscious approach to our individual   existence, based on the idea that good health   and quality of life have a positive impact   on our metabolism, stress levels and daily   tensions”.

In  asia, this quest for harmony and well-being is ancestrally rooted in different cultures, through the precepts of Taoism and currents of thought such as Confucianism and Buddhism.

The market for products that improve well-being and health is flourishing, and offers numerous opportunities for innovative and functional textiles. They occupy a growing place in collections, be it ready-to-wear, lingerie or swimwear.

Within this context, cosmetic textiles and bioceramic textiles, which were still considered to be gadgets in the noughties, are now experiencing strong growth as these anti-aging and beauty products meet consumer demand: slimming leggings, firming tights, moisturising bodies...

Developing the effects of these different innovative technologies is now an essential research axis in order to develop this still emerging market.