Introduction of Cosmetic textile

Posted: 2014-05-14

Introduction of Cosmetic textile

Owing to the rapid development of novel sciences and technologies, textile materials have also found applications in the cosmetics field in recent years. With the growing trend in enhancing beauty through healthy means, customers request for apparels and home textiles containing not only their original basic characteristics, such as warmth and comfort, but also ones that carry extra functions, including environmental protection, anti-pollution and most importantly, health and beauty care, in an attempt for a more natural and healthier life.

The skin is the largest human organ. The care and health of the skin are, therefore, particularly important. The skin can only remain healthy and attractive if it is in balance. Wellness can be defined as a pleasant state free from disease and as a healthy balance of human body and mind. It has become a social determination that symbolizes the wish of eternal youth against aging.

So a new sector of cosmetic textiles is launched and the textile industry is very optimistic that these products will open up new target groups and sustainable markets.

Cosmetic textiles are impregnated with a finish composed of solid microcapsules, each holding a specific amount of cosmetic substance meant to be released totally and instantly on the human body. Cosmetic textiles currently offered on the market claim to be moisturising, perfumed, cellulite reducing or body slimming. Extracts of natural products and selected essential oils are loaded to the textiles, which not only causes healing but also keeps the wearer fresher and vigorous.