What is the property of cosmetotextile

Posted: 2014-05-14

What is the property of cosmetotextile


An innovative French company has developed a cosmetotextile lotion with cosmetic & health properties: moisturing, body slimming,refreshing... That lotion is composed of microcapsules, meant to be released on the body surface while wearing clothes or using textile tissues. Partners of the textile industry are sought for technical cooperation (textile manufacturer to further implement the microencapsulation technology) and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A cosmetotextile is a smart textile consumer article durably containing a cosmetic product which is released over time, even while sleeping, with cosmetic & health properties such as moisturing, body slimming, refreshing...

These lotions, integrated into textile by soaking or washing machine rinsing, aim the clothes to become functional: shirt, jeans, trouser, sticker, leggins, dress,sheet, etc…That innovative micro-encapsulation technology enables an optimized fixation of microcapsules on the woven fabric. The microcapsules (each holding a significant amount of cosmetic substances) are attracted as magnets by the cloth fibres, then are kept caught. Textiles are therefore impregnated with a finish product composed of solid microcapsules; each holding a specific amount of cosmetic substance (at least one billion) meant to be progressively released on the human body, most likely by friction or pressure.

The microcapsules are able to be used on all kinds of textile.Constant quality on the long term: the microcapsules don’t get dry.The treated clothes can be stored for months while keeping cosmetics power. The lotion will then be progressively diffused on the body surface only when triggered by the clothing wearing (through friction or pressure between the body and the fabric)