Jeans keep skin Moist

Posted: 2014-05-09

Jeans keep skin Moist


A US jeans maker is trotting out a new line of women’s denim pants containing skincare ingredients integrated into the fabric that it says will keep wearers’ legs moist and help them stay slim in the process.

The “Denim Spa” line of jeans will “provide treatments for your legs as your wear them” and will contain ingredients including aloe vera and olive extract that will help reduce cellulite and increase skin smoothness, the manufacturer said."They definitely feel cooler than regular jeans."

The jeans are made using a method that involves spraying the material with the moisturizing components that are then heated to bind them to the fibers of the pants, according to the AFP news agency. The process allows for slow breakdown of the ingredients both when the pants are worn and washed.

 Skeptics however are so far unconvinced of the new jeans’ supposed merits.Any squeezing of cellulite as from tight clothing, wraps, deep massage all can temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite by pushing the fat back in the small pockets of connective tissue,” Jeffrey Benabio, physician director at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, told Yahoo Shine.