Cosmetotextiles brings you beauty and health at the sametime.

Posted: 2014-05-04

Cosmetotextiles brings you beauty and health at the sametime.


Beauty is one thing, health is another, and some cosmetotextiles offer health benefits. Celliant, for example, may have promise as a treatment for people with diabetes, says Seth Casden, CEO of Hologenix.

According to Casden, products containing Celliant have been clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels in the body and stimulate quicker recovery and healing. He says these properties can be especially beneficial to patients with diabetes. Meanwhile, Cupron’s copper-infused fibers have antimicrobial properties, and socks made from Cupron may help mitigate athlete’s foot, says Gadi Borkow, Chief Medical Scientist at Cupron.

Apart from cosmetic properties, cosmetotextiles have now widened their scope to new applications in the health sector, as a means for the topical application of medicaments, where controlled release is needed,” says Roshan Paul of the Leitat Technological Center. “And in the sports sector, microcapsules containing refreshing  agents,  and  antimicrobial  agents  are  of great interest.”

The primary mechanism for adding cosmetic properties in textiles is a process called encapsulation, which binds an entrapped cosmetic ingredient onto the surface of a fiber or fabric. Encapsulation has traditionally had efficacy limitations, with many encapsulated cosmetotextiles losing efficacy after a small number of washes. New developments  in  this  area  have  reportedly  led  to  increased wash durability.

Representatives of companies such as Cupron or Celliant don’t expect cosmetotextiles to eclipse regular cosmetics any time soon. But they do see potential growth.

Cosmetic horizons are widening constantly, and proof of that is the marriage between cosmetic active ingredients and textiles,” says Nuria Vaquero, a business unit manager for BU Cosmetotextile, a division of Clariant. “The cosmetotextiles market is developing rapidly and consumers are already demanding products with these extra benefits.”