Cosmetotextiles makes you beautiful anytime , anywhere.

Posted: 2014-05-04

Cosmetotextiles makes you beautiful anytime , anywhere.


In step with a world that increasingly values youthful beauty, the textile industry has developed a number of new products designed to erase the years. Called cosmetotextiles, these fabricbased cosmetic products assert many beauty claims, from removing wrinkles to smoothing out cellulite, while offering the advantage of working while you sleep, exercise, or go about your daily routine.

In the past, claims made for cosmetotextiles have been, at times, questionable. With some products, the cosmetic properties disappeared after one or

two wash cycles, for example. But new innovations, some backed by hard science, are bringing new credibility to this textile sector. From advanced methods of encapsulation that add cellulite busting agents to jeans to workout wear that improves circulation, cosmetotextiles have grown increasingly sophisticated. Some new product claims are even backed  by  double-blind  tests  and  published  peer reviewed studies.

Several announcements in the fashion industry this year point to change. Last summer, Wrangler introduced what they call their “Denim Spa” collection, which includes a new line of jeans under Wrangler’s Wellness Denim, brand. Jeans in this line reportedly treat cellulite and hydrate skin. Wrangler Wellness Denim includes a Smooth Legs, model with anti-cellulite properties, the Jojoba jean, which reportedly keeps skin hydrated, as well as a scented Aloe Vera jean. All three reportedly maintain cosmetic properties through ten washes. It’s an interesting evolution of a line of clothes designed for cowboys and rugged wear, plus one with strong brand name recognition—and much to lose if product claims don’t hold up to scrutiny.