Cosmetic Textile will be the superstar

Posted: 2014-04-23

Cosmetic Textile will be the superstar


A Cosmetic Textile is a textile article that contains a substance or a preparation that is intended to be released sustainably on to the different superficial parts of the human body, especially the skin, and which claim one (or more) particular propertie(s) such as cleansing, perfume, change of appearance, protection, maintenance in good conditioner correction of body odors.

Fabric manufacturers have not sat still and have kept on looking for new innovations and possibilities to make lingerie and intimates more functional. The market of Cosmetic Textile is quickly developing with currently a growth rate of 35% per year on average,” noted a company spokesperson for INTERFILIERE Hong Kong.

The field of micro-encapsulation is used in different sectors from medicine to food and beverage. For Cosmetic Textile there are two main uses; dermocosmetics which are used for skincare. The effects of this application include slimming, toning, moisturizing, and anti-aging. “This is the largest segment at this point in time,” said the company. “The second use is for aromatherapy which involves the cosmetic textile to release a fragrance when in contact with the human body. The ingredients used for the aromatherapy are mainly essential oils.”

The show noted that consumers, both men and women, wear intimates such as shapewear that incorporate Cosmetic Textiles to look slimmer, feel better and to be fashionable.