Cosmetotextiles Growing in 2014

Posted: 2014-04-03

Cosmetotextiles Growing in 2014


Cosmetotextiles Growing in 2014

SpecialChem recently surveyed its community members with the questions, “According to you, which of the following trends will see a rise in 2014?” Not surprisingly, green and bio-based cosmetics topped the list with 33.7 percent. Yet what was surprising was a relatively new player in the cosmetics industry, cosmetotextiles, that made the list. While only 2.9 percent of the respondents indicated cosmetotextiles would likely see a rise in the coming year, the fact that it was mentioned at all is worth considering.

What Are Cosmetotextiles?

Cosmetotextiles are wearable skin care systems that mix cosmetics and textiles through microencapsulation. These clothing items have cosmetic ingredients built into the very fibers of the fabric. As the wearer goes about daily activities, the solid micro-capsules in the textile material are slowly released, providing a benefit to the body and skin.

 Cosmetotextiles are cosmetics that are worn. According to Textiles Intelligence, the cosmetotextile market is a promising one, worth 500 million euros in 2013. It is based on an innovative idea: to use the clothes we wear daily next to the skin to remove excess fat, boost skin hydration and firmness and improve muscle tone. How? By introducing, in the fibres of clothing, microparticles of certain ingredients – like caffeine (a microcirculation activator), Aloe vera (a moisturizer), retinol (a regenerator) and vitamin E (an anti-oxidant) – so that, with our movements, these substances can be released into the epidermis.

Common Applications

While any cosmetic that can be micro-encapsulated can be incorporated into cosmetotextile technology,certain applications seem to be more usable in this way. For example, moisturizing materials, even something as simple as moisturizing socks for dry, cracked heels, are popular. Other  cosmetotextiles commonly found on the market include perfumed fabric, cellulite reducing cosmetics or body slimming materials.