Caffeine Pants, New Way to Lose Weight

Posted: 2015-06-08

Caffeine Pants, New Way to Lose Weight

It's summer, and that means skirts, shorts and bathing suits that show a little more skin and may make you more conscious of your weight. You could exercise and eat less to lose a few pounds, but two new fitness products claim you can lose inches just sitting still or lying down.

First, caffeine-infused leggings that claim to take 2 inches off your hips and more than an inch from your thighs just by wearing them for 5 hours a day for 21 days.

There are styles that offer slimming and contouring like a pair of Spanx and others that are just like soft bike shorts without the shapewear element.

When I try them on they smell like fruit, not coffee. Wear them for 2 hours and my legs don't feel invigorated or tingly. I am very sensitive to caffeine and I feel no buzz from any infusion of caffeine. I tried them on at 4 in the afternoon and had no trouble sleeping that night.