How To Smooth Out Your Cellulite By Leggings

Posted: 2015-05-21

How To Smooth Out  Your Cellulite By Leggings

They sounded too good to be true: Designer leggings that could not only speed up a woman’s weight loss but also smooth out her cellulite.

Just wearing the  garment would create enough friction to release slimming ingredients held in billions of micro-capsules inside the cloth.

Wearing them ‘reduces muscular tiredness’, ‘smooths and moisturises the skin, helping to reduce cellulite’, and ‘lifts, tones and moisturises’,

The friction caused when wearers move was said to break the microcapsules, releasing the slimming ingredients on to the skin.

These include red algae, a Japanese shrub called sophora japonica, and copaiba, a stimulant derived from South American trees, which ‘have been proven to be effective in slimming, smoothing, toning and moisturising’.