Anti-Cellulite Leggings Make You Instantly Super Model Thin

Posted: 2015-05-15

Anti-Cellulite Leggings Make You Instantly Super Model Thin

There is no such thing as a magic wand that will make you instantly super model thin. But there are new products arriving in the marketplace every day that might just help you get a better looking body.  You can’t eat anything you want, refuse to exercise and tone, and just sleep off the weight. However, thanks to technology, there are some products on the market,Anti-Cellulite leggings that you can sleep in, exercise in, and wear around town. With a sensible diet and exercise, these  might make a difference in how you look.

Anti-Cellulite leggings , according to the press literature, is a garment that uses a unique compression fabric that has a patented micro encapsulated yarn containing Caffeine, Ceramides, Retinol, Aloe Vera, Fatty Acids and Vitamin E.  These six ingredients along with the high tech compression fabric improves the overall appearance of skin by tackling the three major causes of cellulite – blood circulation, fluid retention and lymphatic drainage.  The garments use graduated compression to reduce cellulite caused by poor blood

circulation, fluid retention and lymphatic drainage. You may not feel it, but the compression is targeted to different areas of your legs to pump blood back to the heart and drain excess water out of your body.

Even more unique is the claim that Anti-Cellulite leggings is infused with a number of good for your skin ingredients of the type you would normally associate with high end skin creams.  You don’t have to bother slathering on cream to get the benefits, because the actives are in micro-capsules containing six active natural ingredients are literally massaged into your skin as you wear the garments to make skin smoother and softer. These are: Caffeine (to improve blood flow and improve the overall appearance of your skin); Retinol (stimulates collagen to smooth skin); Ceramides (to restore the skin’s barrier system and offer a tightening effect); Aloe Vera (to moisturize and smooth); Fatty Acids (to enhance the penetration of the actives into the skin); and Vitamin E (to protect against toxins). The fabric, apparently, also has a “micro-climate” technology that keeps your body temperature regulated when you exercise.   In addition, the fabric contains silver, an anti-bacterial treatment for extended wear and improved life of the garment.

And you really DO have to wear them often. In fact, the idea is that you wear these a minimum of eight hours a day for close to a month, to see results.  The best way I can think of to get the eight hours you supposedly need, is to wear them at night as sleep pants, or under regular pants at work.  They are so comfortable that both are viable options. But if  you have just one pair, you’re going to have to wash them some time, and that means your leggings aren’t going to be working for you during wash day.   The fabric is shiny and (dare I say it) sort  sexy. Even my husband, who normally wouldn’t say anything, commented:  “nice leggings.”  The micro-encapsulated fabric ingredients are also supposed to last 100 washings and the 82% nylon and 16% lyrca fabric is fabric is sensuously silky.

These are nice leggings. The press literature says that “independent clinical studies” found that after wearing it for eight hours a day for 28 days the women tested said their jeans felt looser and had a 2 cm reduction around thighs, plus a 63% reduction of cellulite. This columnist has seen all sorts of products making all sorts of claims and I didn’t see any dramatic results from my test (two weeks, not a full month). This doesn’t mean they won’t work for you.  If nothing else, you will enjoy these luxe leggings as you work towards your goals in more traditional ways.  Perhaps wearing Slim will make you more mindful to get up off the couch and exercise, or not eat that extra cookie. If the leggings are an additional motivator, that’s good, too.  I can’t promise a bikini body, but with Slim leggings and with time, you might just look better when you’re out of them, too!