Shapewear Is Becoming A New Fashion Trend

Posted: 2015-04-21

Shapewear Is Becoming A New Fashion Trend

Women are expecting a lot from undergarments these days -- and shapewear brands are delivering. The trend was very popular in 2011, and is continuing. Recent innovations in fabric technologies have enabled manufacturers and designers to develop new types of "smarter" shapewear -- and these undergarments claim to provide many unexpected benefits. Why Care About Shapewear Trends?

Improve Your Assets: Even if you're thin, shapewear helps your clothes look better by providing a smooth foundation -- free of bumps and bulges.

Not Like Grandma's Girdle: In the past, shapewear made women feel like a stuffed sausage. Due to recent innovations in fabric technologies, shapewear fits better -- and some fabrics are even infused with aloe-vera, to feel softer against your skin.

Beauty Benefits: New types of shapewear claims to do so much more than simply smooth your curves. Unexpected benefits that some brands claim include cellulite reduction and improved muscle tone.