Anti-Cellulite Pants Sparked A Shopping Frenzy

Posted: 2015-04-20

Anti-Cellulite Pants Sparked A Shopping Frenzy

They may not be the sexiest addition to your knicker draw, but Anti-Cellulite pants sparked a shopping frenzy yesterday, as women desperate to test out their orange-peel busting ability .

The knickers went on sale for a second time this week, and quickly became the department store's fastest-selling lingerie in its 124-year history.

The  pants are scientifically proven to reduce the dreaded dimples, prompting fans to stock up, with some buying as many as ten pairs at a time.

So what’s the secret? Comprised of fabric containing crystals, the knickers are quite literally 'hot pants', warming up on contact with skin, boosting circulation in the thighs, stomach and bum, and causing cellulite-causing fat cells to 'melt' and break down.

In a trial of 50 women, who wore the knickers daily for a month, 82% reported a significant reduction in cellulite. Four out of five of the women showed lost inches from the stomach, hip and thighs, with the effects lasting for 12 months when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

The pants first went on sale in May, and instantly sold out. More than 4,000 women then signed up for an email alert waiting list, to be notified once the pants returned to the shop's shelves.

Not just loved for the cellulite-fighting ability, the knickers also create a streamlined look, perfect for squeezing into figure-hugging frocks.