Fat Burning Underwear Slims You

Posted: 2015-01-26

Fat Burning Underwear Slims You


Japanese men and women looking to lose weight are changing their underwear into one that claims to burn hundreds of calories just by wearing them.

The MXP Calorie Shaper Pants from the Tokyo-based Goldwin company are made with a non-elasticated material that the company claims can make muscles work extra hard while walking or climbing stairs.“The extra muscle strength required to balance the tension in the resin during normal walking activities results in effortless weight loss,” says a spokesman for Goldwin. Just when Sock Doc thought the bullshit claims were only with the shoe companies.

They claim that the average man who walks 90 minutes a day while wearing them can lose 210 kilocalories weekly – the equivalent of half a liter of beer. But what if he drinks the beer while walking? And can he wear two pair of underwear and burn twice the calories? I have questions!

And if you stink from the extra workout you’re getting from wearing these new age tighty-whities, don’t despair – the underpants also boast deodorising particles, so you’ll smell good while shedding the weight.