Cosmetic Textile

Posted: 2014-03-21

Cosmetic Textile

Cosmetic textile  is a technology combining  cosmetics and textiles through the process of micro-encapsulation. It  is a textile consumer article containing a durably cosmetic product which is released over time.

Cosmetic textiles  are impregnated with a finish composed of solid microcapsules, each holding a specific amount of cosmetic substance. This cosmetic substance will  be released totally and instantly on the human body. Cosmetotextiles currently offered on the market claim to be moisturising, perfumed, cellulite reducing or body slimming.

Once you put on your clothes,  friction or pressure between the body and fabric  break  the capsules into fragments and liberating the cosmetic properties . In this way, our skin will be brighter, firmed, moisturized, perfumed, and what's more, we will be slimmer.

Yes, nothing else. Just wear clothes as usual, we can easily get a good figure and natural beauty by such a normal way. No extra makeup on body, no painful cosmetic surgery. Health and beauty are so simple from now on.